IIS Password Protection by iisPROTECT™ providing High End Authentication, Membership and User Management Solutions:
Welcome to iisPROTECT, your source for password protection, web authentication and user management solutions.  iisPROTECT password protects all file types: .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .mdb, .txt, .asp, .aspx .htm .anything!  Independent of NT security, iisPROTECT uses its own database or can easily tie into an existing database.

Note: with the release of Windows Server 2008 and IIS7, iisPROTECT is being retired.  Since 2005 our next generation solution .netPROTECT has been released and will now officially replace iisPROTECT. Learn more

NEW PRODUCT: .netPROTECT has been released and provides password protection and user management for ASP.NET web sites. [Oct. 2005]

Version 3.1 released see what's new! [June 2005]
NEW: Version 3.0 released with IIS6 individual app pool support, programmatic reloads, automated SQL reconnects, enhanced email password mailer and much more! [Oct. 2003]
NEW: Version 2.2 now released, 4 case sensitive options for username/password. [Dec 2002]
NEW: Version 2.1 ships with global filter support and new windows help system. [Oct 2002]
NEW: Microsoft has added iisPROTECT products to the application compatibility library for Windows Server 2003 and Internet Information Server 6.0. [Jan 2002]

iisPROTECT plus iisPROTECTcc password protects your web content and offers a comprehensive real-time and recurring billing and payment solution.
iisPROTECT is easy to use and requires no programming, scripting or web development experience.  Complete control of all settings and database information is available through a distributed web interface.  iisPROTECT offers major advantages over competing solutions!  For more information see our competitive analysis.
Find out more about the various versions of iisPROTECT by exploring our site or download your FREE TRIAL today and start protecting your site in less than 5 minutes!